Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spicy shrimp chowder (Chupe de camarones)

Chupe de camarones is a spicy chowder with vegetables and shrimps served widely along South America's Pacific coast from Chile to Peru. But when I decided to prepare a thick soup including shrimps I didn't know these details. Shrimps are on our table at least 2-3 times a month in many variations -  saganaki, fried with Chorizo, on a pizza or with pasta. But I've never tryed  to prepare shrimp soup or chowder before. Before starting my search on the Internet I tried to imagine my expectations from this soup. I want it to be spicy, so hot peppers as an ingredient are a must. Garlic is a good partner of shrimps, so I put it in the list. Cream to thicken the soup and provide a buttery aroma. Cheese which will add saltiness and will enhance the whole taste of the chowder. What else? Had no idea. So I spent more than an hour searching here and there on the Internet for my inspirational source and I saw many recipes. Then I saw this recipe and I immediately knew, this was what I was looking for. 

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Eggplant Involtini with Ricotta and Goat cheese

Eggplant InvoltiniThe first time I tasted involtini was some months ago in one of the small restaurants in Little Italy in New York. We were thirsty and hungry and tired from all the strolling through the streets and the smell in the air around this restaurant made us stop, sit and wait impatiently for all the tasty homey food we ordered. I do not remember the name of the restaurant, but I remember very well the taste of the eggplant involtini - the  thin slices of eggplants wrapped arond a ricotta and goat cheese stuffing. Here is my interpretation of the recipe:
Eggplant InvoltiniInvoltini with Ricotta

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Nettles pesto with fried eggs

The first nettles is already on the market - fresh and green. I love to prepare nettles and I am not afraid of its stinging properties, so I do not use rubber gloves to handle it. It is said, nettles is good for the health because it cleans blood. I do not know whether this is true, but anyway, one of the first things I prepare every spring is nettles puree with fried or poached eggs above. It is so good to feel spring with all your senses.