Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer, Magic and Chanterelle Soup with Garlic and Summer Savory

Hello, Summer! You know, I've been waiting for you for so long. 
I love your long days and noisy nights, I enjoy the abundance of species you give birth of, I love the forest with its magic. The birds, the insects, the people, we all love you, summer. 
I hope, you will not go away fast. Let us appreciate the abundance of your fruits and vegetables, the freedom, the magic. You make me so happy... 
Since ancient times women have been celebrating the night of the summer equinox. Full moon is also soon, in only two days. 
I love the magic of equinox - the balance between the seasons after which the scales start growing heavier to one of the sides. But today there is a balance - ephemeral, but still. This magic time of the year deserves a magic kind of dish to celebrate. The fruity smell of Chanterelle. Its golden color. Its orange skin and peppery taste. 
A Chanterelle Soup with Garlic and Summer Savory. The summer forest in a bowl.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Zucchini phyllo pie

My mother-in-law is the best cook I know. She is not a professional chef, but she knows such increadible recipes and she respects food so much, that she can turn every single ingredient into something absolutely delicious. This is one of her masterpieces. Zucchini phyllo pie - it is a sweet phyllo dough pie, which holds the fresh taste of yound early-summer zucchinis. Two weeks ago when I spent a spent a week with her in her country house she prepared for me her soft zucchini phyllo pie and I took some pictures of her during work. Here is the recipe she is famous for.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Chocolate mascarpone almond cake

Peter has a birthday today. 
He is turning nine, yes, he is already a big boy. I am really so proud of him. 
Of course, I wanted to please him preparing a birthday cake he would like. In fact, this is the favorite birthday cake of our whole family - the chocolate mascarpone almond cake. 
One evening some months ago we were dreaming about the most perfect cake according to our tastes. So everyone of us suggested the kind of ingredients the cake should have. 
Mascarpone, said Violet. 
Chocolate, added I (predictably). 
Biscuits and heavy cream, wanted Peter. 
Almonds, proposed D. 
I put all these words into Google and, surprisingly, there really was a recipe including all of them (this is the source in Bulgarian). The same day we prepared the cake and this was it. This IS it. The cake which holds the taste of roasted almonds, chocolate and mascarpone.
Happy birthday, Peter! I hope, all your wishes will come true! Life is so sweet!