Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Year's Resolutions 2012

I've been writing New Year's resolutions since years.
Frankly said, the lists look very similar to each other, which is not good, I know. Every time I write my new resolutions, I do not have a look at the old ones, but I know they are nearly the same. Well, there are some tasks accomplished in 2011, one of them more than 10 years old. I quit smoking in 2011. Twice. Second attempt more successful than the first one, I hope.

Now I am a confirmed non-smoker (three months and a half experience), which added a totally new resolution to my 2012 resolution list. To lose weight, which was gained as a side effect of feeling the real taste of food on one hand and beind a novice food-blogger on the other.  In fact, the high calory side of the food blogging caught me unprepared and now a have three kilos to get rid off.
So, first task for January - to wear again my favourite trousers, European size 38. 
In other words, I am announcing the official start of the fish and salads time in my kitchen. 

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