Sunday, June 21, 2015

No bake cheesecake with sour cream and mascarpone

Cheesecake is Peter’s favorite dessert and he rates the restaurants we visit depending on the ability of the chef to prepare a really good cheesecake.
Until yesterday I’ve never prepared cheesecake – I usually tend to search for chocolate based desserts, but he had an important exam and I really wanted to please him with something tasty and relaxing. So, the search for the best cheesecake recipe started. 
I had some requirements towards the cheesecake – apart from the obligatory cream cheese my cheesecake has to include a lot of mascarpone and the specific taste of sour cream – no condensed milk, no heavy cream and no gelatin. 
The baked cheesecakes lack the fresh taste which is the most important requirement for a summer dessert – so it has to be a no bake cheesecake. The moment I saw this filling I already knew that this was the best recipe for the filling of my cheesecake.
And what about the topping? Nothing is better than some spoon of sour cherry jam which adds some sourness to all the creamy blend of ingredients.
What is the taste of this cheesecake? It is fresh, light and creamy. This recipe includes so many high-class ingredients which makes it pricey that you could never expect to receive it anywhere else than in somebody's home. Why not in your's?
You need less than 15 minutes to prepare this recipe and I bet, this will become also your favorite no bake cheesecake recipe. Because this is the best cheesecake ever, said Peter and I tend to believe him – he is the greatest cheesecake expert I know.

Ingredients for 5 large or 6 small portions:

For the filling:
  • 250g (8 oz) mascarpone
  • 50 g (1/4 cup) sour cream
  • 200 g (7 oz) cream cheese
  • 45g (1/4 cup) sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp grated lemon peel

For the crust:
  • 12 graham crackers or other cookies according to your taste
  • 6 Tbsp unsalted butter at room temperature

For the topping:
  • 1 jar of sour cherries jam

Grind cookies finely in a processor. Put in a bowl and add butter chopped in small pieces. Blend with your hands until well combined. Press mixture over the bottoms of 5 or 6 jars or cups.
Beat all the ingredients of the filling until smooth (about 2-3 minutes).Spread filling over the crust of each jar. Cover and refrigerate for some hours.
Five minutes before serving take out of the fridge, pour some jam over each filling and serve. 

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  1. Great recipe! I love the cheese cakes. They are so easy to make and tastes heavenly! I would certainly be trying out this recipe soon.