Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bulgarian green salad with radishes

March has come again and although the spring is going to start officially on the 22nd of March, I feel spring everywhere around me. First of March was Baba Marta – Bulgarian holiday, when everybody presents to their relatives and colleagues small pieces of adornments made from white and red yarn – the so called Martenitsi. People wear them from the first of March until they see a stork, which is around the end of March.
Early spring is the time to enjoy the typical Bulgarian green salad – light, tasty and easy to prepare. We do not chop the green salad in Bulgaria, we slice it thinly and so it absorbs easier the vinegar and sunflowers oil. Boiled eggs are also often added to this salad.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Poached eggs with yogurt – one more recipe from the Balkans

Poached eggs with yogurt
It is very hard to define the origin of the dishes on the Balkans. The dish I am presenting you today has a name, which is hard to pronounce if you are not Bulgarian - ‘Jajca po panagjurski’, which means eggs prepared the way as in the Bulgarian town of Panagjurishte. And I was ready to swear that this is a typical Bulgarian recipe, before I checked Internet and found the Turkish dish called ‘Cilbir’, which is quite the same ultra-delicious blend of tastes – fresh yogurt, some garlic and poached eggs, drizzled with butter and red pepper flakes. No matter the origin of these poached eggs with yogurt – this dish is very light and is the perfect weekend brunch. 
Greetings from the Balkans!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Lentil Soup with Smoked Paprika

Some words about lentils. This is a high fiber food, which lowers holesterol, is high in proteins (third-highest level of protein among all legumes and nuts) and contains very few calories. So, it is worth it to have it on the table.
My sister Eve gave me this recipe for lentils soup, this is the way she prepares it ones a week. The soup is simple and easy to prepare and the addition of smoked paprika pairs very well with the earthy taste of the lentils.