Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate. Mascarpone. More chocolate. Heavy cream. Sugar. Nine eggs. Nearly no flour. 
Do you think it will be a good cake? 
It is not enough to say it is good, it is the best chocolate cake with two fudgy layers and smooth chocolate mousse between them. And, of course, the mascarpone which fills the mouth with heaven. 
I have always wondered what is the meaning of the word "decadent" concerning cake, but this chocolate cake is decadent, I am sure. It includes so many costly and tasty ingredients, that the occasion you prepare it for should be worth the money and all the efforts. 
Or you should love a lot the people you prepare it for. 
I love my sister Eve. A lot. 
She has a warm heart and is cheerful and always in good faith. She is a psychologist - a really good one and I am very proud of her. 
Some months ago I needed advice. I was so involved into the situation, that I really didn't know what to do. She was the one who showed me the right way to get out of the situation and it was a really, really important decision with lots of important consequences. 
Thank you, Eve, I will never forget your advice! 
So I wish to express my gratitude and love to her and I know how - I will prepare her favourite cake. 
It is not enough to say Eve loves chocolate, because she is one of the most devoted chocoholics I know. This one will be for her, but here is the recipe if you want to please somebody you love.  
Chocolate mousse cake

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I feel good

During the last days I've been doing the things I like most of all. 
I plant flowers. I take pictures. I read lots of books and watch lots of movies. 
I am with my son and with two other people I love - my mother-in-law and my father-in-law. 
In the evenings I drink white wine and eat tasty dishes.
During the days I eat fruits and improve my cooking skills. 
I sleep peacefully and I laugh a lot. 
This is my recipe for happiness.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beer roasted chicken

Beer roasted chicken

I was a really fastidious child. 
Eating was the worst time during my days - I still remember how painful it was to have a slice of bread with lots of butter and cheese for breakfast and how long it took me to eat it. But I just had to eat it if I wanted to go to the beach after that. 
Lunches were even worse - all the soups and stews, especially during trhe summer months made my life really hard.
And there was only one meal which I was craving for. The beer roasted chicken was the most official dish in my menu and all the days we had beer roasted chicken (not more than two or three times a year) were like feast for me. I still remember the smell which filled the kitchen and how unpatient I was during the roasting time. This chicken had moist and juicy inside and crisp skin. This is the simple and easy recipe of my mother.