Sunday, November 03, 2013

Hot Pepper Honey

Spicy Honey
Hot Pepper Honey
This is again an infusion. Spicy hot peppers providing their taste to a jar of sweet honey - perfect spoon of surprising tastes which could be spread over a Gorgonzola sandwich, a toast of bread with butter or as a salad dressing to tomato peppermint salad. 
This is the source for this fiery recipe.
Hot peppers in honey

·        1 jar of honey
·        20 crushed dried chili peppers
Hot pepper honeyPreparation:
Put a jar with clear honey in a double broiler and let water simmer. 
Heat for 5 minutes until honey gets hot, take jar off the heat and add the crushed peppers. Stir with a spoon to incorporate and let infuse for half an hour.  Strain honey into a clean jar.
Some people may claim high temperature destroys the beneficial enzymes of the honey. Do not have second thoughts, these same people put honey into their hot tea which gives the same effect concerning enzymes. And this recipe is tasty enough to be prepared. Enjoy!