Thursday, December 01, 2011

Warm welcome to December

Roasted Bacon
Well, it is the first of December, the official non-stop-eating-drinking-month. Lots of parties, lots of tables full of food, lots of bottles to be drunk.
And there are so many dishes waiting to be tasted... You don't want to offend your hosts, do you? So try the next meal they offer and don't make them sad, take some more. Take the silverware or use your fingers and start the huge December eating.

January will be time for regrets when the scales show the results of this carefree days and evenings. But it is still early to worry about this. 
December is not a proper time for diets. And it is not a good time to be a pig. Or a fish. Or a cake. Or any other food. Wish you a pleasant and festive moments! Enjoy!

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