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Cold Leek Soup with Sauerkraut Juice

Cold Leek Soup with Sauerkraut Juice
One of the very popular winter appetizers in my country is called Army soup.
I don't know whats is the origin of the name, but it is most probably related to the fact, that this is an inexpensive, easy to prepare and simple dish. It is a cold soup and there is no boiling required.
 Sauerkraut juice, leeks and hot dry peppers are the main ingredients. Army soup has the reputation of one of the best hangover treatments, but I have never tasted these abilities. Sauerkraut prepared in Bulgaria differs a lot from the one from the any Central or Northern European country, which has sweet notes and is very finely shredded and very soft. Cabbage heads in Bulgaria are not sliced before fermentation which yields a harder product with definite structure which remains even after slicing. Sauerkraut and its juice have very typical taste - not only sour, but also tart and sharp.  
Sauerkraut and leek make a perfect match and the addition of roasted dried chillies gives the final touches of this dish. Lacto-fermented foods help boost metabolism, so this soup is good  for the people who want to loose some pounds. Spooning army soup in a company of glass of grape brandy is a  good idea for the winter evenings. 
Cold soup with leek

  • 2 leeks (only the white part)
  • 1 liter (34 fl. oz) of sauerkraut juice
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • 3 dried hot peppers
Leek Soup

Wash leeks and cut in thin rings. Pour the juice into a salad bowl, add the sliced leeks and the olive oil. Roast peppers on a hot-plate for a minute until a dark spots appear on their skins, but don't let them burn. You only want to enhance their aroma. 
Crush them in small pieces and add to the mixture. 

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