Friday, November 11, 2011

11 wishes on 11/11/11

Yes, I am supersticious. I believe in all the signs we see around us, which are answer of our questions, in "coincidences" we experience so often, in people's faith, in wishes come true. 
My children like to throw stones in the sea making wishes.
I will do the same today, even virtually. So I wish: 
  1. Health for all my beloved ones and for me. I hope we will be long time together;
  2. To improve the quality of life of my beloved ones the way I can - by playing, learning and growing with them; 
  3. To find my place in the huge world;
  4. To find my own balance and to keep the harmony in my soul;
  5. To have the ability to read signs around me to show me when I am on the right way;
  6. To interact with colorful people who share my interests, to meet new people, who will influence my life in a positive way; 
  7. To have many reasons to smile every day and to enjoy the pleasure of every single moment;
  8. To slow down the stream of my thoughts, to calm down and to learn how to wait;
  9. To see new places I haven't been before;
  10. To trust in me more;
  11. To remain myself, no matter how high the burdens are.

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